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Colombian Gold Marijuana Strain Review


Colombian Gold Marijuana Strain Review Colombian Gold is some genuinely old-school cannabis. A nearby relative of the much more celebrated Acapulco Gold, this strain was conceived in the Santa Marta heaps of Colombia and blasted over the US... Read full article

Jack Flash Sativa Marijuana Strain

by Sativa Weed Monster on

Jack Flash is a cross between Jack Here and Super skunk. This sativa strain creates a nice body high, has a great flavor, plus it yields an awesome potent bud.... Read full article

Aloha Sativa Marijuana Strain

by Weed monster on

Aloha is a 100% unadulterated sativa strain whose hereditary qualities are generally obscure amongst the restorative cannabis group because of mystery of its raisers. This damp bud brags a THC level going from 18-24% by and large and a heap of sativa... Read full article

Aceh Sativa Marijuana Strain

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Aceh sativa marijuana strain, likewise referred to all the more ordinarily as "Atjeh," is a 100% immaculate sativa landrace strain that is one of a few assortments that are local to the Aceh district of Indonesia. This Aceh sativa marijuana strain... Read full article