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Insomnia and Medical Marijuana

by The Medical Marijuana for Insomnia Crew on

Medical marijuana & Insomnia, explore how medical marijuana can improve sleep, how cannabis can help poor sleep aid... Read full article

Anorexia and Medical Marijuana

by Weed monster on

Anorexia a severe decrease appetite until a person eats such little food a day it becomes a serious medical conditions. This can be a side effect AIDS, cancer, congestive heart failure, acute viral hepatitis, Chron’s disease, depression ... Read full article

Back Sprain & Marijuana

by Weed Monster on

Back sprains are caused when there is some sort of damage to the muscle or the ligaments. It might sound like a serious injury but the resulting pain that follows can get very severe. Depending on the severity of the sprain ... Read full article

Anorexia & Medical Marijuana

by Anorexia and marijuana on

Anorexia is a disorder in which appetite is decreased, and it's also one that could indicate that the sufferer may have a serious medical condition. Anorexia can be helped with medical marijuana... Read full article

Medical Marijuana and AIDS

by Weed monster on

AIDS also known by the scientific name acquired immune deficiency syndrome is the final stage of someone that has HIV. The immune system stops working and will lead to a person’s death. A person can also get a number of illnesses when they have AIDS.... Read full article

Opioid Abuse Rates Lower In States With Legal Weed

by Weed Monster on

According to a recent report that was published by Castlight Health, the crisis involving prescription opioid addiction is not getting any better, but is in fact getting worse. ... Read full article

Marijuana, Effects & Hazards

by Weed Monster on

Marijuana also known as cannabis is the most abused illicit drug all over the globe. It is classified among Schedule 1 controlled hard drugs. It is considered a psychoactive drug, because it is a mood altering.... Read full article

Jack Flash Sativa Marijuana Strain

by Sativa Weed Monster on

Jack Flash is a cross between Jack Here and Super skunk. This sativa strain creates a nice body high, has a great flavor, plus it yields an awesome potent bud.... Read full article

Sen. Murphy Helps Medical Marijuana Patients

by Marijuana Near Me Connecticut on

Sen. Murphy Helps Medical Marijuana Patients More Connecticut citizens are currently joining the battle to push the government to consider renaming marijuana.... Read full article