Jack Flash Sativa Marijuana Strain

Jack Flash Sativa Marijuana Strain

Jack Flash is a cross between Jack Here and Super skunk.  This sativa strain creates a nice body high, has a great flavor, plus it yields an awesome potent bud.  This sativa strain Jack Flash, provides a lemony spicy taste along with a great high.  This Jack Flash sativa strain really helps with nausea, various pain syndromes, provides a great body high, body sensations, and possibly work wonders for your cannabis medical conditions.  Explore more on WeedMonster.com


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Stony Nuggz
Los Angeles CA
LOVE Sativas!!!!

LOVE Sativas! Of all the strains this helps me to focus, feel good, chilax, and imagine the good life!!! This takes to the world of when I won the millions in lotto jackpot baby!!!

March 2016

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