Colombian Gold Marijuana Strain Review

Colombian Gold Marijuana Strain Review

Colombian Gold is some genuinely old-school cannabis. A nearby relative of the much more celebrated Acapulco Gold, this strain was conceived in the Santa Marta heaps of Colombia and blasted over the United States in the 1960s. Its ubiquity has following blurred significantly, yet it remains a compelling instrument for treating muscle fits and endless torment. THC levels in this strain purportedly test above 19%, so it's a generally strong decision for patients looking for a quieting, empowering, sensible cerebral high that can likewise be utilized to treat uneasiness and sadness. CBD levels are much harder to stop by, however Colombian Gold has been utilized to crossbreed strains that are high in that cannabinoid. Still, without more dependable data, this strain shouldn't be utilized as the sole pharmaceutical for conditions that react to CBD, including seizure issue. Colombian Gold is a close unadulterated (sativa/indica proportion of no less than 90:10), the aftereffect of a unique Colombian landrace strain. It conveys a smooth yet tart tea flavor and a Skunky fragrance with notes of lemon and lime. The buds are secured in unmistakable gems. In spite of the fact that well past its prime, Colombian Gold still offers generally well in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Arizona.

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25 Mar 2016