Bubba Kush Indica Marijuana Strain Review

Bubba Kush Indica Marijuana Strain Review

Bubba Kush's Indica Marijuana Strain stocky plant stature and cumbersome bud structure propose Afghani drop, yet its hereditary birthplaces aren't sure. The reproducer whom this marijuana strainwas named after states that Bubba Kush developed soon after 1996, when an OG Kush half and half pollenated an obscure indica strain got in New Orleans. The mother plant was as far as anyone knows Northern Lights, however the hereditarily equivocal indica was basically called "Bubba." Bubba Kush has thrived from its California roots from that point onward. Gives the effects of body buzz, relaxing, sleepy, pain relief. This indica cannabis strain is good for muscle spasms, back pain, insomnia (poor sleep), anxiety, glaucoma - eye pressure, nausea, stress, tremors, pain, painful neuropathy.


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10 Apr 2016

By Indica Weed Monster