Blue Bayou Sativa Marijuana Strain Reviews

Blue Bayou Sativa Marijuana Strain Reviews

Blue Bayou sativa high THC marijuana strain is a 100% immaculate sativa strain with obscure hereditary qualities because of raiser mystery. This strain is notorious among the cannabis group for its serious cerebral head high and psychoactive impacts. This Blue Bayou wet sativa bud gloats a THC level going from 18-22% all things considered, and a fragrance of sweet treat joined by an essence of sweet hashy confection. Blue Bayou buds have thick feathery, textured dusty green nugs with olive green suggestions and a splashing of slim light golden and blazing orange hairs. These marijuana strain nugs are secured in a fine layer of sap and thick smooth white precious stone trichomes. Clients depict the Blue Bayou high as a contemplative, spacey marvelous imaginative high that is not perfect for social circumstances. You'll be caught in your own brain, cheerful and elevated, yet not garrulous in any sense. Truth be told, you'll be effortlessly occupied and might be on edge around expansive quantities of individuals. Everything around you will be obscured, and you might encounter an extreme instance of the snickers sporadically all through the high. Because of these strong sativa impacts, Blue Bayou is a perfect strain for treating patients enduring depression, fatigue, nausea to help you feel good, happy, active, creative, & high energy.

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10 Apr 2016

By Sativa Weed Monster