Big Bambo Sativa Marijuana Strains

Big Bambo Sativa Marijuana Strains

Big Bambo is an awesome sativa marijuana strain from Jamaica with excellent THC levels and high functionality. This strain was most prominent back in the mid 90s for use in joints, and from that point forward has totally dropped out of utilization by the cannabis group. In any case, sometimes this strain will show up in dispensaries in the US for brief timeframes, fundamentally in Southern California. The Big Bambo cannabis bud has medium thickness, brilliant neon green nugs with patches of dusty green and dull olive green clears out. These nugs are decked with red hot orange hairs and a thick layer of white gem trichomes and fine syrupy sweet pitch. Enormous Bambo has a smell of crisp hearty grass and an essence of gritty zest with a trailing sensation of lemony herbs. Clients have depicted the Big Bambo high as composed, with empowered and roused emotions that move them to get up off the sofa and spotlight on what should be finished. This bud will abandon you feeling euphoric and offers a perfect feeling that is perfect for morning and daytime use. Because of these powerful sativa impacts.  Explore other marijuana strains here.

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15 May 2016

By Weed Monster