Afghan Kush Indica Marijuana Strain Review

Afghan Kush Indica Marijuana Strain Review

Afghan Kush indica marijuana strain is known for pain, muscle relaxation, treating anxiety. Afghan Kush indica chilly lime green indica strain minimal purple, relaxation, helps sleep, chronic back / extremity pain, poor sleep Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush's indica marijuana strain's roots follow back to the Hindu Kush mountain range close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan outskirt. There its genotype has been consummated over hundreds of years, making it a definitive hotspot for hash, for example, charas and the sticky dark Afghani hash. White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds accomplice from the Netherlands, made the seeds of this strain accessible for everybody to develop. The buds of Afghan Kush form into monstrous, obtuse topped pieces brimming with sap; immaculate indica goodness with a substantial yield. Adored for its substantial sap content and intensely quieting impacts, Afghan Kush is a top decision for anybody hoping to unwind in the wake of a prolonged day.

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10 Apr 2016

By Indica Weed Monster