Depression and Medical Marijuana

Depression and Medical Marijuana Treatments Research


Depression has been an illness in people for centuries. It can be hereditary or be brought on by other environmental factors. There are many forms of depression. The depression can be mild or severe, depending on the situation that is occurring. There are numerous prescriptions that are given to individuals who suffer from depression. Not all of these different medications have been proven to be effective. A person who suffers from depression can become in an unhealthy state because of the symptoms they experience. People may not get out of bed, or even eat regularly when they are depressed. They may feel empty or worthless with no desire to socialize or go out into public.


 People who suffer from depression can even go into a deep depression, which can be severe and sometimes deadly. Depression is known to be a factor in many suicide cases because the person suffering from the illness may feel that they have nothing to live for. The individual may think that everyone in their life would be better off without them being alive.


A study has been conducted with a different form of treating depression and the symptoms that go along with the mental illness. Medical marijuana has been used to treat depression and the findings have been proven to be effective. The marijuana drug can lift spirits and put people in a better mood instead of being depressed. Individuals who suffer from depression caused by stressful situations in their life can improve dramatically using medical marijuana.


The endocannabinoids in the brain have a positive reaction to the THC because it had the same effect in the brain. The THC can increase those receptor compounds to reduce depression and severe stress that is associated with it. When people are suffering from chronic stress which can be a leading factor in depression, THC can counteract this feeling. The stress is known to decrease the feel good part of the brain which controls emotions, cognition, and behaviors in people. When medical marijuana is used to treat depression and stress it increases the feel-good parts of the brain. This helps to increase a positive behavior, cognition, and emotions within the individual.


People who have depression often have a decrease in the endocannabinoids in the brain. This is what causes the symptoms of depression in people who are diagnosed. In order to reduce depression, it is important to increase the endocannabinoids in the brain. This is done with the use of medical marijuana. It has no side effects and can have instant results. Unlike medication, it needs time to get into the system before an individual can start to feel better.


The THC that is found in marijuana had been given to people in lower doses. The doses of the THC reacted to the increase of serotonin in the brain and decreased the depression symptoms. Other findings of marijuana have proved to be beneficial in treating, pain, anxiety, stress, mood, and increased appetite in people. The THC and CBD in medical marijuana improved symptoms of depression and can increase the serotonin levels in the brain. Depression has been successfully treated with marijuana by patients who have been diagnosed with this illness.



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20 Oct 2016